News from EPI Updated overtime threshold restores rights for millions of working people

By restoring and strengthening working people’s right to overtime pay, the Department of Labor is protecting millions of Americans from overwork, and making sure they get paid their fair share when they do work more than 40 hours in a week. The restored rule will raise wages, and create hundreds of thousands of jobs as employers shift hours from overworked and underpaid managers to hourly employees who badly need more work and more income. It will give millions of workers more free time, and it will put billions of dollars into the wallets of struggling middle class workers who need every penny they earn.

Most Americans don’t even realize that being salaried isn’t reason enough to be denied overtime pay. This new rule makes it clear that whether you’re salaried or hourly, blue collar or white collar, even if your boss calls you a manager or a team leader, if you’re not paid at least $913 per week, you have to be paid time-and-a-half for each hour you work beyond 40 in a week.

It’s exciting to see government working for working people and their families. Congratulations to President Obama, Secretary Perez, and the Department of Labor and its own hard-working employees, for a job well done.

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