News from EPI Supreme Court ruling drastically weakens federal agencies and their ability to protect workers’ rights

Today, the Supreme Court issued decisions in Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo and Relentless, Inc. v. Department of Commerce that overturned the longstanding precedent of Chevron deference. This ruling will make it harder for federal agencies to govern, operate, or enforce workers’ rights and protections effectively, meaning workers will be left exposed to more dangers, risks, and discriminatory treatment on the job. Regulations are critical tools for establishing worker protections and it is simply common sense that agencies that Congress authorizes to administer and enforce laws should have the ability to establish the rules that most effectively effectuate those laws. It is inefficient and unrealistic to assume that either Congress or unelected judgesrather than the deep subject matter experts at federal agenciesshould be expected to specifically legislate every detail of, say, exactly what level of toxic chemical exposure is hazardous for a mine worker. Corporate interests have long sought this decision because it will substantially weaken agencies ability to enact basic safeguards for workers. We hope that Congress will act swiftly to correct the majority’s act of judicial hubris.  

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