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News from EPI State-level data confirm nationwide recovery

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, March 13, 2011
Contact: Phoebe Silag or Karen Conner, 202-775-8810

State-level data confirm nationwide recovery

State level data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that most states have been experiencing the steady progress towards economic recovery that we have been seeing nationally. Over the three-month period from October 2011 to January 2012, every state except New York experienced a reduction in its unemployment rate (New York’s rate increased by 0.1 percentage point, reflecting growth in the labor force, despite gaining 64,500 jobs over this time frame). Over the course of a year (from January 2011 to January 2012), seven states experienced job growth exceeding 2.0 percent, while North Dakota experienced growth of 5.7 percent. Notably, four states (Alaska, Mississippi, Missouri, Rhode Island and Wisconsin) lost jobs over this period, led by Wisconsin’s loss of 12,500 jobs. (Click here for interactive state maps)

Despite these positive trends, there remain four states and the District of Columbia with unemployment rates at or above 10.0 percent (led by Nevada at 12.7 percent), while 11 states plus the District of Columbia have unemployment rates of 9.0 percent or higher.

States looking to further spur economic growth should invest more significantly in infrastructure, such as transportation networks, schools and broadband, while avoiding budget cuts that would impede economic recovery today and could compromise future economic prosperity.

EPI posts this and other economic indicators on The State of Working America web site, updated when new data are released.

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