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JULY 9 | Mexico feels sting of US housing crisis

JULY 8 | New study punctures common prevailing wage claim

JULY 3 | Job market declines, paychecks wither

JULY 2 | Poverty: official rate understates level and trend

JUNE 25 | Older workers delay retirement despite weak economy

JUNE 24 | Job quality growing concern in euro countries

JUNE 19 | Current Account deficit deepens due to falling profits on US foreign investment

JUNE 18 | Wages surge for topmost sliver

JUNE 18 | Reopened AF tanker discussions should weigh jobs impact

JUNE 11 | Subprime mortgages are nearly double for Hispanics and African Americans

JUNE 10 | EPI urges immediate action on unemployment benefits extension

JUNE 10 | Expert Task Force Charges School Reform Alone Will Fail in Closing Achievement Gap

JUNE 10 | EPI urges immediate action on unemployment benefits extension

JUNE 6 | Spike in unemployment signals recession in job market

JUNE 6 | Statement on unemployment from Lawrence Mishel

JUNE 5 | Air Force tanker decision will cost the U.S. at least 14,000 jobs

JUNE 4 | Bush budget puts the squeeze on worker protections

JUNE 3 | Education Week’s graduation rate estimates are “exceedingly inaccurate,” experts say

MAY 29 |
Family Incomes Get Shakier, New Research Finds [PDF]

MAY 28 | Dramatic income swings increase for U.S. families

MAY 15 | Making the case – again – for an economic rebound

MAY 13 | New college grads meet the labor market

MAY 14 | Workers’ earnings squeeze continues

MAY 14 | Job market more unfriendly for newest college grads

MAY 6 | Is globalization to blame for US workers’ troubles?

MAY 2 | Is this a reprieve or a delay?

MAY 2 | “This is what a recession looks like to a working family”

MAY 1 | The weakest recovery since WWII [PDF]

APRIL 30 | GDP report grim, recession clear

APRIL 17 | Is NAFTA to blame for PA workers’ troubles?

APRIL 16 |
Employer-Provided Health Insurance Erodes Dramatically

APRIL 16 | A Decade of Decline The Erosion of Employer-Provided Health Care in the United States and California: Read news release for California [PDF] Read national news release [PDF]

MARCH 26 | Benefits of dollar’s rebalancing begin to emerge

MARCH 17 | Fed action leaves underlying instabilities unaddressed

FEBRUARY 26 | Colombia – trade unionist murders and proposed free trade agreement

FEBRUARY 1 | Jobs numbers contract first time since August 2003

JANUARY 31 | Economy not super in Tuesday vote states

JANUARY 30 | GDP growth slows on all fronts

JANUARY 30 | Addressing long-term unemployment

JANUARY 24 | EPI on stimulus deal reached by White House and Congress

JANUARY 23 | No surprise – Bush stimulus misses target

JANUARY 18 | New Economic Projections Warn of Steep Increase in Black Unemployment Ahead

JANUARY 15 | Mishel to testify before JEC hearing tomorrow

JANUARY 11 | Time to boost economy is now [PDF]

JANUARY 9 | Economic stimulus essentials

JANUARY 9 | U.S.-Africa jobs plan falls short

JANUARY 4 | EPI NewsFlash: Jobs report flashing recession

JANUARY 3 | Conference on development, trade, labor in sub-Saharan Africa: January 10, 2008


DECEMBER 17 | An Exaggerated Claim of Global Benefits

DECEMBER 17 | Income inequality hits new heights

DECEMBER 12 | The high impact of manufacturing job loss in states

DECEMBER 7 | Job market report — partly cloudy, partly sunny

DECEMBER 5 | Canada’s health system beats U.S. in cost and results

NOVEMBER 28 | Inflation overtaking wages

NOVEMBER 20 | Guaranteed retirement accounts offer rescue plan for failing retirement security system [PDF]

NOVEMBER 7 | 23 million to pay higher Alternative Minimum Tax unless…

NOVEMBER 2 | Job growth’s tale of two surveys

NOVEMBER 1 | The Erosion of Employment-based Health Insurance [PDF]

OCTOBER 31 | GDP buoyed by spending, exports

OCTOBER 31 | Immigration’s impact on health insurance coverage

OCTOBER 24 | Cushioning the rock and hard place

OCTOBER 24 | China’s massive reserves come at a cost

OCTOBER 17 | Black-white achievement gap shrinks

OCTOBER 17 | Why you should care about the 2007 economic Nobel

OCTOBER 10 | Globalization causes inequality, wage loss in U.S.

OCTOBER 2 | Comprehensive plan unveiled to raise living standards for nation’s low-income families [PDF]

SEPTEMBER 28 | Why SCHIP Matters

SEPTEMBER 25 | Middle class living standards at stake

SEPTEMBER 20 | The Many Ways California Pays for Uninsured Children

SEPTEMBER 19 | Health industry employment outpaces that of providers

SEPTEMBER 12 | Robert Reich on Supercapitalism

SEPTEMBER 12 | SCHIP is not being used to substitute for private health insurance

SEPTEMBER 7 | Financial crisis felt in job market

AUGUST 30 | Most Workers’ Wages Stuck In The Slow Lane

AUGUST 28 | Census Bureau release of 2006 data on poverty, income, and health insurance

AUGUST 21 | August 28 Conference Call on Poverty, Income, Health Data

JULY 11 | Michigan, Ohio Still Struggle With Manufacturing Job Losses

JULY 10 | Pre-K investment pays off [PDF]

JUNE 27 | U.S. Jobs Lost Due to Wal-Mart’s Chinese Imports

JUNE 26 | Wal-Mart’s Reliance on Chinese Goods Costs U.S. Jobs

JUNE 20 | Productivity Blossoms With High Union Rates

JUNE 20 | New Analysis Contests Trade Growth Claims

JUNE 15 | Real Wage Gains…Nice While They Lasted (And They Didn’t Last Long)

JUNE 15 | US Long-Term Interest Rates Rising

JUNE 13 | Medicare Privatization Proves Costly

JUNE 12 | Thursday Hearing on Family-Friendly Work Policies

JUNE 6 | Low-Income Families Losing Ground in 2000s

JUNE 5 | Updated State Minimum Wage Table

JUNE 4 | Thursday Hearing on Guest Worker Abuses

JUNE 1 | Straw Men and Low Bars at the Post

JUNE 1 | Payrolls Bounce Back in May

MAY 30 | New Study Confirms EPI’s Analysis of Economic Trends & Challenges

MAY 30 | Israel’s Rise in Poverty, Inequality

MAY 24 |Getting real about families (Read news release )

MAY 23 | Critics Wrong About Teacher Quality

MAY 16 | Dangerous summer jobs

MAY 11 | The R-Word

MAY 3 | Prekindergarten Would Save State and Federal Governments Billions

MAY 2 | Costly Trade With China: Millions of U.S. jobs displaced with net job loss in every state

APRIL 30 | GDP keeps on braking

APRIL 18 | Minimum Wage–States aren’t waiting for a raise

APRIL 6 | Job market bucks slowing trend in rest of economy

MARCH 28 | Recent Gains Only Went to Highest Incomes

MARCH 28 |
Immigration Reform, Getting it Right, An Agenda for Shared Prosperity Forum ( news release [PDF])

MARCH 21 | Immigration Reform, Getting It Right (Conference Call)

MARCH 15 | Getting Immigration Reform Right Briefing Paper released ( News release [PDF])

MARCH 14 | Falling oil imports lessens US deficit

MARCH 9 | Cold weather chills job growth

MARCH 9 | Mexico’s Economic Turmoil and Immigration to U.S.

MARCH 7 | Inflation and Labor Costs

FEBRUARY 28 | Latest data show more want unions

FEBRUARY 22 | Agenda for Shared Prosperity holds its second event on Capitol Hill ( News release [PDF])

FEBRUARY 22 | Lessons from NAFTA for Korea: Implications for the proposed U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement (Congressional Briefing)

FEBRUARY 21 | Slow growth in manufacturing is culprit in job loss

FEBRUARY 13 | US trade deficit — What goes up, but not down?

FEBRUARY 9 | The real story behind inequality and education

FEBRUARY 2 | Job growth has its ups and downs

FEBRUARY 2 | A health plan that’s no cure

JANUARY 31 | Minimum wage – Business tax cuts and poverty

JANUARY 30 | Repairing the harm of globalization

JANUARY 24 | Recent low employment rates reflect weak economy

JANUARY 23 | Bush health plan no cure

JANUARY 17 | Unprecedented income inequality

JANUARY 11 | EPI launches Agenda for Shared Prosperity ( News release [PDF]) (Web site)


DECEMBER 15 | No wage-push inflation in sight

DECEMBER 13 | Weakest jobs recovery on record

DECEMBER 8 | Service sector shows solid job gains

DECEMBER 7 | $7.25 minimum wage important as first step

DECEMBER 6 | Money dwindles for job training

DECEMBER 6 | Turkey after the crisis — Dec. 12 Event

NOVEMBER 30 | Reading the public on the economy-December 5 conference call

NOVEMBER 29 | Why the Fed should lower interest rates

NOVEMBER 28 | Consumer Spending Lags for Low and Middle-Income Workers

NOVEMBER 27 | Turkey After the Crisis — Report and Dec. 12 Event

NOVEMBER 27 | States gain with higher minimum wage

NOVEMBER 21 | Legal awards have little impact on economy

NOVEMBER 15 | Government aid declines for college students

NOVEMBER 15 | NCLB contradictions

NOVEMBER 14 | Don’t blame Black Culture for Economic Trends

NOVEMBER 8 | A tough recovery by any measure

NOVEMBER 3 | Unemployment low, but Job growth slowing

NOVEMBER 2 | Health care and jobs are top economic concerns, state experts say

NOVEMBER 1 | Boo! Reasons why the economy should scare you

NOVEMBER 1 | Fuel for Thought: The High Cost of Energy

OCTOBER 31 | Earnings gains minimal over recovery

OCTOBER 27 | Housing weakness slows economy

OCTOBER 26 | The HIV/AIDS Crisis Among Lesotho Workers

OCTOBER 25 | Minimum Wage – 6 State Initiatives and the Real Job Impact

OCTOBER 20 | Making health care worse

OCTOBER 19 | More high schoolers enrolled in college prep

OCTOBER 18 | Faster wage growth meets slower price growth

OCTOBER 12 | Minimum Wage – To Index Or Not To Index ?

OCTOBER 11 | Stock Boom Means Little For Most Workers

OCTOBER 10 | Conference call: Wednesday, 12 noon (Eastern)

OCTOBER 10 | Faux’s The Global Class War – Detroit Public Event

OCTOBER 10 | Can ‘No Child Left Behind’ Be Repaired?

OCTOBER 6 | Job market slowdown entrenched

OCTOBER 4 | Growing NAFTA trade deficits displace jobs

OCTOBER 2 | Kentucky River Decision Expected Tuesday

SEPTEMBER 27 | Safety net failing many children

SEPTEMBER 25 | More Americans go without, as employers increasingly drop health coverage (Conference Call September 27)

SEPTEMBER 25 | Three countries assess NAFTA (International Conference Call September 28)

SEPTEMBER 25 | China currency reform bill sparks debate on unfair trade practices

SEPTEMBER 20 | Manufacturing Jobs and Wages on the Ropes

SEPTEMBER 19 | Costs of foreign borrowing pile up

SEPTEMBER 15 | Real wages still stagnant, even as inflation moderates

SEPTEMBER 14 | Effects of financial embargo on Palestine

SEPTEMBER 13 | Job growth slowdown explained

SEPTEMBER 8 | Updated Retirement Security Issue Guide

SEPTEMBER 6 | Gender pay gap shrinking for all the wrong reasons

SEPTEMBER 2 | The State of Working America 2006/2007 has been released and is no longer under embargo.

SEPTEMBER 1 | Social Class’ Role in Schooling and Achievement

SEPTEMBER 1 | Slowing job growth reflects overall economy (Jobs Picture)

SEPTEMBER 1 | Is the South American Worker Better Off? (Event)

AUGUST 31 | Minimum Wage — Nine Years of Neglect (Issue Brief)

AUGUST 30 | Effects of Housing Slowdown (Snapshot)

AUGUST 29 | Median Income Up, But Not For Working-Age Families (Income Picture)

AUGUST 28 | The State of Working America 2006/2007 (New Book)

AUGUST 25 |22 states and DC have raised minimum wage (Issue Guide)

AUGUST 24|Examining the New Census Data on Poverty, Income, and Health Insurance Coverage (Conference Call)

AUGUST 10 |Immigration Bill Would Protect U.S. Workers (Policy Memo)

AUGUST 9 | Poverty Rates and Work for Single Mothers (Snapshot)

AUGUST 4 | Unemployment Rate Rises as Job Growth Slows (Jobs Picture)

AUGUST 3 | Slovak Republic’s Big Jobs Problem (GPN Report)

AUGUST 3 | New State-Level Analysis on Effect of Minimum Wage Bill

AUGUST 2 | What’s Pushing Inflation? (Snapshot)

AUGUST 1 | When is a Raise not a Raise? (Policy Memo)

JULY 26 | States Help Raise Minimum Wage’s Value (Snapshot)

JULY 25 | Health Care: U.S. Spends Most, Covers Least (Book Preview)

JULY 20 | What do Voters Want? Their Money’s Worth (Viewpoint)

JULY 24 | Bush Administration’s Career Advancement Accounts Miss Mark (News Release)

JULY 19 | Child Poverty Higher in US than Developed Nations (Snapshot)

JULY 19 | Hungary’s Jobless Picture Worsens (GPN Report)

JULY 19 | Wages up Monthly, but Flat over Last Quarter & Over Recovery (Brief Analysis)

JULY 12 | Union Rights for 8 Million at Stake (Issue Brief)

JULY 10 | Chicago Can Have Better Wages AND Low Prices (Viewpoint)

JULY 7 | Job Growth Slows Again, Indicating Trend (Jobs Picture)

JULY 6 | Australia’s Underemployment, Gender Wage Gap (GPN Report)

JULY 6 | Minimum Wage Issue Guide Updated

JULY 5 | Black-White Income Gap Re-Widens (Snapshot)

JUNE 30 | U.S. Deeper in Debt to Foreign Countries (International Picture)

JUNE 27 | CEO Pay vs. Lowest-Paid Workers (Snapshot)

JUNE 21 | CEO-worker pay imbalance grows (Snapshot)

JUNE 20 | Minimum wage buying power hits 51-year low (Issue Brief)

JUNE 16 | Trade deficit improves, but overvalued dollar needs careful management (Current Acocunt Picture)

JUNE 15 | How Wal-Mart Can Raise Wages and Maintain Healthy Profits (Issue Brief)

JUNE 12 | 5 Economic Trouble Spots (Policy Memo)

JUNE 9 | Soaring Oil Prices Spur Trade Deficit (Brief Analysis)

JUNE 7 | Argentina Devaluation Holds Lessons for U.S. (Snapshot)

JUNE 2 | Job Growth Disappoints — Again (Jobs Picture)

MAY 31 | EPI Offshoring Issue Guide Now Updated

MAY 31 | Tax Cuts Mostly Benefit the Rich (Snapshot)

MAY 25 | Profits Squeeze Compensation (Brief Analysis)

MAY 24 | College Grads Find Weak Labor Market (Snapshot)

MAY 17 | How the Rich Will Get Richer (Snaphsot)

MAY 17 | Wages Reach Starting Line (Brief Analysis)

MAY 16 | Rove Wrong on Income (Brief Analysis)

MAY 15 | The Immigration Piece Bush May Miss (Viewpoint)

MAY 12 | Trade Deficit Improves, Perilous Trajectory Remains (Brief Analysis)

MAY 11 | The Slack behind our Unemployment Rate (Snapshot)

MAY 11 | Swim Together or Sink Alone? (Book)

MAY 10 | Economic Growth Stats from White House are Misleading (Snapshot)

MAY 10 | Charter Schools — Examining the Evidence (Available Resource)

MAY 5 | Administration Attacks Contractor Health Benefits (Policy Memo)

MAY 5 | Wage Growth is Bright Spot in Jobs Report (Jobs Picture)

MAY 4 | White House “Cherry-Picking” Economic Data (Snapshot)

MAY 4 | Productivity Up but Real Compensation Flat on Yearly Basis (Brief Analysis)

MAY 3 | White House Economic Spin Analyzed (Snapshot)

MAY 1 | Administration Attacks Traditional Pension Plans (Policy Memo)

APRIL 28 | Strong GDP Masks Failing Wage Gains (GDP Picture)

APRIL 26 | Trade Imabalance, Manufacturing, and the Dollar (Snapshot)

APRIL 20 | Privatization Shows its Flaws in Five Countries (GPN Report)

APRIL 20 | Median Income Still Lagging (Brief Anaylsis)

APRIL 20 | Income Gap Widens in South Africa, Narrows in Brazil (Snapshot)

APRIL 20 | Dispelling the High School Graduation Myth (Book)

APRIL 18 | Mismeasuring High School Graduation Rates (Report Preview)

APRIL 12 | Don’t Blame Health Insurance (Snapshot)

APRIL 7 | Job Growth at Five (Jobs Picture)

APRIL 7 | Five Year Record Shows Historically Weak Job Growth (Jobs Picture Preview)

APRIL 6 | Tax Enforcement Crisis Grows (Book)

APRIL 5 | ‘Insourcing’ Not Creating Jobs in U.S. Economy (Snapshot)

MARCH 30 | Gross Domestic Income: Bigger Pie, Smaller Slice (Snapshot)

MARCH 29 | New Census Measures Undercount Poverty (Issue Brief)

MARCH 23 | Effects of Taxpayer Bill of Rights in Colorado (Briefing Paper)

MARCH 22 | Working and Still Poor (Snapshot)

MARCH 21 | Panama’s Job Growth Falls Behind GDP, Mostly Low-Income (GPN Report)

MARCH 16 | Wage Growth Almost Beats Inflation, but Just Misses (Short Analysis)

MARCH 15 | The Minority Wealth Gap (Snapshot)

MARCH 14 | Trade Deficit Hits Record High — Again (Current Account Picture)

MARCH 14 | Does the Trade Deficit Cost Manufacturing Jobs? (Briefing Paper)

MARCH 10 | Good News for Jobs and Wages (Jobs Picture)

MARCH 8 | Government Interest on Foreign Debt to Double by 2011 (Snapshot)

MARCH 1 | Living Standards Stall Despite Rapid Productivity Growth (Snapshot)

FEBRUARY 23 | Israeli Economic Growth Only Benefits Top Earners (GPN Report)

FEBRUARY 23 | EPI Analyzes Survey of Consumer Finances (Short Analysis)

FEBRUARY 22 | A Shortage of Skilled Workers? Maybe Not… (Snapshot)

FEBRUARY 17 | Gulf Grows Between Minimum Wage and Average Workers (Snapshot)

FEBRUARY 16 | Bush’s Tax and Budget Policies Fail to Promote Economic Growth (Policy Memo)

FEBRUARY 16 | Report Shows Effectiveness of Living Wage Policies (Briefing Paper)

FEBRUARY 15 | The Rise of Immigrant Worker Centers (Book)

FEBRUARY 10 | Record High Trade Deficit Driven by Oil Prices (Trade Picture)

FEBRUARY 7 | Making the Budget Real – Compared to What? (Snapshot)

FEBRUARY 3 | Job Market Shows Clear Improvement (Jobs Picture)

JANUARY 31 | Inflationary Pressure Overstated (Issue Brief)

JANUARY 30 | It’s Not Just Health Care Squeezing Wages, It’s Profits Too (Issue Brief)

JANUARY 27 | GDP – Full Analysis of Last Quarter’s Disappointing Growth (GDP Picture)

JANUARY 27 | State of the Economy (Issue Brief and Snapshot)

JANUARY 27 | GDP – Bad News All Around

JANUARY 26 | Income Inequality on the Rise (Report)

JANUARY 25 | Wages Not Rising with Economy (Snapshot)

JANUARY 24 | EPI Founder Decodes the “Party of Davos” (Book)

JANUARY 18 | Hourly Wages Fell 18 of Last 20 Months (Wages Picture)

JANUARY 12 | Wages in the Doldrums (Snapshot)

JANUARY 6 | 2005 Job Growth Mediocre (Jobs Picture)


DECEMBER 21 | Inflation Eats Away Minimum Wage’s Value (Snapshot)

DECEMBER 21 | Economy Still Underperforming (Briefing Paper)

DECEMBER 16 | “Hurricane Effect” Felt in Trade Deficit (Current Account Picture)

DECEMBER 15 | No Real Wage Gains Over Recovery (Wage Picture)

DECEMBER 14 | Worker Centers for Immigrants Changing Workplace, Debate (Briefing Paper)

DECEMBER 13 | Will the Fed Continue Hammering Inflation? (Snapshot)

DECEMBER 7 | More Tax Cuts Proposed Despite Deficits (Snapshot)

DECEMBER 2 | Job Growth Can’t Match Past Recoveries (Jobs Picture)

NOVEMBER 30 | Trade Deficits Batter Manufacturing Jobs (Snapshot)

NOVEMBER 21 | Colombia Plagued by Poverty, Lack of Job Growth (GPN Report)

NOVEMBER 21 | Of Mortgage Interest Deductions and Equity (Snapshot)

NOVEMBER 9 | Katrina Evacuees Face Very High Unemployment (Snapshot)

NOVEMBER 4 | Katrina Evacuees Hit Hard by Unemployment (Jobs Picture)

NOVEMBER 2 | Average Productivity Declines Among 10 South American Countries (Snapshot)

OCTOBER 28 | Two Analyses, One Message to the Fed (GDP and Wages Pictures)

OCTOBER 26 | Tax Cuts Undercut the Economy (Snapshot)

OCTOBER 26 | Gulf Rebuilding May Worsen Residents’ Plight (Viewpoint)

OCTOBER 26 | New Direction Urged at Americas Summit (Issue Brief)

OCTOBER 25 | Tax Cuts Do Much Harm, Little Good (Briefing Paper)

OCTOBER 21 | Inequality Persists in Brazil, Despite Progress

OCTOBER 20 | New study charts steady erosion of health insurance coverage (Briefing Paper)

OCTOBER 19 | Senate Proposal Strips Pay, Protections for Millions of Workers

OCTOBER 19 | Budget Cuts Threaten Health Insurance for Children (Snapshot)

OCTOBER 12 | Study finds worker skills gap is unsubstantiated

OCTOBER 12 | Income and Poverty Affect College Completion (Snapshot)

OCTOBER 7 | Assessing Katrina’s Impact on Jobs (Jobs Picture)

OCTOBER 6 |Lessons from L.A. for LA, AL, and MS (Briefing Paper)

OCTOBER 5 | Social Security Means Life Insurance for Millions of Kids (Snapshot)

SEPTEMBER 28 | Gulf families’ recovery at risk (Snapshot)

SEPTEMBER 23 | Trade deficit improves, but for the wrong reason (Current Account Picture)

SEPTEMBER 21 | EPI NewsFlash: Budget, Deficit Picture Worse Than Bush Projections (Snapshot)

SEPTEMBER 15 | Reduced Qualifications, Low Pay Among Preschool Teachers

SEPTEMBER 14 | EPI NewsFlash: Pay losses mount from gender gap (Snapshot)

SEPTEMBER 13 | WSJ Gets Minimum Wage Facts Wrong (Viewpoint)

SEPTEMBER 12 | Alternative to Eliminating the Estate Tax (Snapshot)

SEPTEMBER 8 | Parsing Estate Tax Fact from Fiction (Snapshot)

SEPTEMBER 2 | What Ails Wages? (Briefing Paper)

SEPTEMBER 2 | EPI NewsFlash: Moderate job growth, but unemployment rate down (Jobs Picture)

SEPTEMBER 1 | The Incredible Shrinking Minimum Wage (Issue Brief)

SEPTEMBER 1 | Report Charts Basic Living Costs In Hundreds Of Areas

AUGUST 31 | EPI NewsFlash: Expanded Analysis of Census Poverty and Income Report for 2004
The Economic Policy Institute’s Income Picture, released today, is an expanded analysis of yesterday’s Census Poverty and Income Report.

AUGUST 24 | EPI NewsFlash: U.S. workers trail Europe in paid vacation days
The average vacation time a U.S. worker gets after 25 years of service — 19 days — doesn’t even reach the minimum vacation allotments required by law in at least 18 European countries. In today’s Economic Snapshot, EPI economist Sylvia Allegretto examines teh average number of paid vacation days by years on the job in the United States, and the minimum annual paid vacation days from European countries. Allegretto points out that there is no U.S.-mandated vacation time, an important aspect of a worker’s quality of life.

AUGUST 16 | EPI Alert: Honey, inflation ate my raise!
A few weeks ago, we learned that hourly wages of blue collar, non-managerial workers, rose 0.4% in July, the fastest monthly growth rate in a year. Today we learned that inflation gobbled up that increase and more, causing both the real hourly and weekly wage to fall slightly in July.

AUGUST 16 | EPI NewsAlert: EPI as Education Resource
Attention education writers and editors: EPI will release two reports for the 2005-2006 school year. The first shows how the recent alarm over supposedly low high school graduation rates is a false one. The second will show how qualifications and pay are dropping for preschool teachers. To read a memo on these and current works, click here.Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

AUGUST 10 | EPI NewsFlash: China likely to unravel CAFTA textile trade
Passage of the CAFTA trade deal was predicated on promises that it would be good for textile and apparel employment in the United States and Central America. But in today’s Snapshot, Economic Policy Institute researchers Robert Scott and David Ratner show that the promise of more textile jobs is a pipe dream, given the enormous surge in China’s textile exports to the U.S.

AUGUST 5 | EPI NewsFlash: Overall job market expands
Analysis by the Economic Policy Institute of today’s BLS jobs report shows solid employment gains reaching most industries, as employers appear to be shedding their cautious ways and hiring to meet expanded demand. Today’s Jobs Picture, by EPI economist Jared Bernstein, examines these favorable trends, with the exception of manufacturing, where job losses continue to accumulate. In today’s JobWatch, EPI economist Sylvia Allegretto illustrates the lingering effects on employment in IT-producing industries after the bubble burst in mid-2000. Some IT-related occupations, such as those in computer-related fields, have shown recent signs of improvement, but IT employment is growing slower than overall payrolls.

AUGUST 3 | EPI NewsFlash: Defense Jobs Take Up Labor Market Slack
The economy has roughly a million more jobs now than four years ago, despite the job losses in teh private sector over the same period. Government spending has saved the day by creating more than 2 million jobs over that time period. In today’s Snapshot, EPI research director Lee Price estimates that the private sector has 1.2 million fewer non-defense-related jobs than four years ago. He explains that the 2.1 million jobs created by government spending in the last four years has proved invaluable in the labor market progress that has occurred. Perhaps more tellingly, the report demonstrates the profound weakness of private sector job creation for most of the last four years and the capacity of government spending to offset some of that weakness.

AUGUST 2 | EPI NewsFlash: Serious Flaws Found in Offshoring Reports
For the past two years, public concern has grown over a new word in the American lexicon: offshoring. In this climate, three notable research reports have weighed in with a more reassuring story that finds offshoring to be, on balance, a net benefit for the nation. However an analysis of those research findings, Truth and Consequences of Offshoring, published today by the Economic Policy Institute, reports serious flaws in those reassuring stories.

JULY 29 | EPI NewsFlash: GDP fueled by falling trade deficit, weak wage growth continues
A shrinking trade deficit added the largest positive contribution of trade flows to GDP since 1996. In today’s GDP Picture, Economic Policy Institute economist Josh Bivens analyzes this morning’s release of BEA’s GDP report, which tempers the good news about the shrinking trade deficit with the disheartening news of continued weakness in labor income, particularly private-sector wage and salary growth.

JULY 27 | Single mothers face steeper job market climb
The employment rates of both married parents and single mothers fell in the recession and jobless recovery. But while the married parents’ rate has begun to recover over the past year, the rate for single mothers remains distressingly low – signaling an uphill battle in the labor market for tehse economically vulnerable families. In today’s Snapshot, EPI senior economist Jared Bernstein shows the steep decline in job opportunities for single mothers, especially compared to their married counterparts. The Snapshot looks at the share of employment for both types of working parents at the first quarter of every year from 2000-2005 to show how the employment rate for single mothers remains depressed.

JULY 26 | EPI NewsFlash: Jordan’s Economy Marred by High Unemployment, Trade Deficits
Over the last decade, Jordan’s economy has grown considerably once it came out from under state control and became more market-driven. But 12.5 percent unemployment and an escalating trade deficit make the picture lackluster, according to a new report released by the Global Policy Network, and authored by the Center for Strategic Studies – Economic Studies Unit at the University of Jordan. Moreover, female unemployment has remained at a whopping 20 percent, while the 30 percent rate of unionization for workers has remained stagnant since 1999. To read more about Jordan’s economic and employment trends, click here for the report.

JULY 21 | EPI NewsFlash: Retirement grows riskier
People near retirement are facing growing uncertainty as employers have switched from traditional defined-benefit pensions to options like 401(k) plans that are subject to the vagaries of the stock market and inflation. While employers have been transferring this greater risk to their employees, they have also been cutting their contributions to employees’ retirement savings. A new Economic Policy Institute report by research director Lee Price, Shifting Risk, examines this trend.

JULY 21 | EPINewsFlash: NAFTA’s job impact dims CAFTA’s bright claims
Since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) took effect, teh rising trade deficit with Canada and Mexico displaced production supporting over a million jobs in the United States. That disparaging fact about NAFTA’s failure to live up to its claim is detailed in NAFTA’s Cautionary Tale, by Robert Scott and David Ratner, published today by the Economic Policy Institute. The report gives state-by-state employment figures and rankings.

JULY 20 | EPI NewsFlash: Job Growth Poor Compared to Previous Cycles
Although there were more payroll jobs in June of this year than in June of last year, the overall growth rate for jobs in this recovery lags behind the previous five post-World War II recoveries of this length. Economic Policy Institute researchers Lee Price and Sujan Vasavada illustrate this comparison in today’s Snapshot.

JULY 14 | EPINewsFlash: Social Security proposal cuts deeper for minorities, those without safety net
Bush administration proposals to cut Social Security benefits and create a system of priv