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News from EPI NewsFlash: Canada leads U.S. in health race

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NewsFlash: December 5, 2007

Canada leads U.S. in health race

In 1993, the Canadian health care system was part of the debate over health care in the United States. One side touted it as a model we should imitate, the other side attacked it.  Now that health care is again on the national agenda, it’s time to evaluate how the two systems have fared over the past 14 years.

In today’s Economic Policy Institute Snapshot, EPI vice president Ross Eisenbrey compares the data on healthcare costs and outcomes in the two countries since 1993 and finds the gaps between the two countries have widened substantially: While the U.S. now pays nearly twice as much per person as Canada does, and for fewer doctor visits per person, the U.S. trails Canada on measures such as infant mortality.

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