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NewsFlash: April 16, 2008

Employer-provided health insurance erodes dramatically 

High-quality jobs are not immune to the unraveling of employer-based health insurance system.  That is the conclusion of the study, A Decade of Decline: The Erosion of Employer-Provided Health Care in the United States and California, 1995-2006, released today by the Economic Policy Institute.   Holding on to health care is getting much harder, even if you have a good job, and a good education.  In fact, the most vulnerable workers are those who are full-time and of prime working age.  

“No one is immune to the slow unraveling of the employer-based health insurance system,” said Heidi Shierholz, EPI economist and co-author of the report.  Shierholz also authored today’s Snapshot on this topic.

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