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NewsFlash: March 21, 2007

Immigration Reform: Getting It Right

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Everyone from President Bush to Bill Gates is espousing some type of immigration reform, whether it’s giving more flexibility to high-skilled foreign workers or increasing border security. But what is the best solution? And do policymakers mulling solutions over one of our most controversial issues really know about the impact immigrants, including undocumented workers, have on the economy and labor market?

The Economic Policy Institute has convened leading experts on immigration who will present new findings and fresh insights on a variety of topics, including guest workers, immigration law, and what native and migrant workers are experiencing.

WHAT:            EPI Forum: Immigration Reform: Getting It Right

WHEN:           Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Registration and Breakfast at 9:30 am; Speakers & discussion from
            10:00 am-noon         


Welcome & Overview

Getting Immigration Reform Right presented by Ray Marshall (Bernard and Audre Rapoport Centennial Chair in Economics and Public Affairs, University of Texas – LBJ School of Public Affairs, and former U.S. Secretary of State). He will  analyze the failures of current federal immigration law and critique common myths about undocumented workers that fuel misguided policies and public attitudes.

High Skill Immigration: H-1B & L-1 Guest Worker Visas Work Against U.S. presented by Ron Hira ( Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Rochester Institute of Technology). He will discuss the consequences of what could happen if a Senate proposal to vastly expand the H-1B program were to be signed into law, including more offshore outsourcing of jobs and displacement of American technology workers.

Close to Slavery: Guest Worker Programs in the United States presented by Mary Bauer (Director, Immigrant Justice Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center). She will present new findings published by the center on the abuses guest workers face in the United States and their home countries, with a focus on H-2

WHERE:        Economic Policy Institute, Wellstone Conference Room
                     1333 H Street, NW
                     East Tower, Suite 300
                     Washington, DC 20005

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