News from EPI HIV/AIDS Crisis Among Lesotho Workers


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NewsFlash: October 26, 2006

The HIV/AIDS Crisis Among Lesotho Workers

The African country of Lesotho is among the countries with the highest HIV/AIDS infection rate, with about 35% of the population HIV positive. A new report released by the Global Policy Network explores the explosive rate of HIV/AIDS infection in Lesotho and the country’s dismal economic picture, showing how such things as a lack of knowledge about AIDS and poor sanitation lead to a high infection rate, especially among workers.

The Lesotho Clothing & Allied Workers’ Union (LECAWU) authored the report on Lesotho’s labor market, which finds unemployment is over 50%, no new jobs are being created, and 14,000 textile industry jobs have been lost since the expiration of the U.S. Multi-Fiber Agreement (MFA) on January 1, 2005. The report also explores the AIDS/HIV crisis – especially among the country’s workers – noting, for example, that a sample taken in two garment factories revealed infection rates of 33% and 38%.

Click here for the report.

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