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News from EPI NewsFlash: Social Class’ Role in Schooling and Achievement


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NewsFlash: September 1, 2006

Social Class’ Role in Schooling and Achievement

What is the relationship between social class and student achievement, and how should it affect education and other policies? EPI research associate Richard Rothstein explains how successful efforts to substantially narrow the achievement gap must include social and economic policies in a new EPI posting.  

Rothstein’s write-up is a response to an August 17 Gadfly article by Thomas B. Fordham Institute president Chester Finn, who argued that good schools can overcome a myriad of disadvantages such as poverty, racism, and troubled families. Rothstein shows the big picture of how social class impacts education.

Gadfly has published a shortened version of Rothstein’s response, but the fuller version and more details around how the issue came alive again, is available below.

Click here for the Rothstein response and full details.

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