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News from EPI The Sordid History of Employer Opposition to Unions

On Tuesday, October, 28 at 9:30 a.m. ET, Bob Morris will discuss his new book Built in Detroit, in which he chronicles the formation of the United Auto Workers in Detroit, Michigan, and the challenges the workers faced from both the management and the mob. Morris will be joined by former Michigan Governor Jim Blanchard and EPI Vice President Ross Eisenbrey.

As EPI has documented, many companies in the private sector engage in harsh tactics to prevent workers from organizing, including threatening to reduce workers’ earnings and to eliminate employment.  During the rise of the labor movement in the last century, employers also engaged in harsh tactics. But in addition to the above, some employers hired “muscle” to intimidate, assault, and even murder labor advocates.

In a unique look at that period, Bob Morris tells the story of the formation of the UAW, with his labor leader father, Ken Morris, and Walter and Victor Reuther serving as chief protagonists. In his suspenseful and engaging narrative, Morris sheds light on a poorly understood period of American labor history.

WHAT: Discussion of new book Built in Detroit

WHO: Bob Morris, author of Built in Detroit
Jim Blanchard, former Michigan Governor
Ross Eisenbrey, EPI Vice President

When: Today at 9:30 a.m. ET

Where: 1333 H St., NW
Suite 300, East Tower
Washington, DC 20005

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