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News from EPI Mishel, Bivens to Discuss Latest Research on Divergence between Productivity and Workers’ Pay

On Wednesday, September 2nd at noon Eastern, EPI President Lawrence Mishel and Research and Policy Director Josh Bivens will hold a media teleconference on their latest research on the historic divergence between productivity and a typical worker’s pay.

In the decades following World War II, inflation-adjusted hourly compensation for the vast majority of American workers rose in line with increases in economy-wide productivity. Since the 1970s, however, hourly compensation for the typical worker has essentially stagnated, even as net productivity continued to grow. EPI has documented this trend for the past 20 years, in work that has been widely cited in economic analyses and by policymakers concerned with growing income inequality.

Mishel and Bivens will discuss their updated analysis of the productivity-pay disconnect and the factors behind it, and explain the measurement choices made.

What: Media teleconference to discuss new EPI paper, Understanding the Historic Divergence between Productivity and a Typical Worker’s Pay

Who: EPI President Lawrence Mishel
EPI Research and Policy Director Josh Bivens

When: Wednesday, September 2, noon Eastern

Call in number: 800-311-9402
Passcode: 9796

To RSVP and receive an embargoed copy of the paper please email