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News from EPI Media teleconference on why Uber workers do not constitute a third category of worker

On Thursday, March 17th at 12:00 p.m. Eastern, Economic Policy Institute President Lawrence Mishel and Vice President Ross Eisenbrey will hold a media teleconference to discuss why there is no need to create a third category of worker for Uber drivers and other gig workers. Their argument is a response to a proposal by former Council of Economic Advisors chairman Alan Krueger and former Deputy Secretary of Labor Seth Harris—who the authors laud for elevating the debate—for a new category of “independent worker.” Krueger and Harris proposed this third category as a response to the issue of whether drivers for ride-hailing apps are considered employees or, as they are now, independent contractors.

Whether Uber drivers are employees or independent contractors remains to be determined. However, Mishel and Eisenbrey’s examination of the relationship between Uber and its drivers show that Uber can and does measure its drivers’ work hours in a way that is consistent with them being employees and that shows no need for a new category of “independent worker.”

Harry Campbell, a driver for Lyft and Uber and founder of the Rideshare Guy Blog and Podcast, will join the call to discuss the realities of such work.

What: Press call to discuss Uber business model does not justify a new independent worker category

Who: Lawrence Mishel, President, Economic Policy Institute

Ross Eisenbrey, Vice President, Economic Policy Institute

Harry Campbell, Uber and Lyft driver, founder of the Rideshare Guy Blog and Podcast

When: Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern

Call-in number: 1-800-311-9402

Passcode: 9796

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