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News from EPI Forty-two states and DC experience job growth over past three months

State and regional unemployment data were released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics this morning showing 42 states and DC experienced job growth over the past three months, the highest number since January 2008. 

“Many states have begun to turn a corner in this recession,” said EPI Policy Analyst Kai Filion. “In the majority of states, the economic situation is improving, although unemployment rates remain unacceptably high.”

EPI’s interactive website,, compares the current unemployment rates (updated monthly) in each state and the District of Columbia. It also breaks out the unemployment rates among various demographic groups within each state (updated quarterly), and makes comparisons across the past four recessions. 

For insight and analysis of trends and what the latest numbers mean in your state, check with the EARN (Economic Analysis and Research Network) group(s) in your state.



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