News from EPI EPI denounces the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol

Yesterday, at the incitement of President Trump, a large crowd of mostly white domestic terrorists attempted to overtake the U.S. Capitol in a violent coup attempt—while threatening the safety of members of Congress, Hill staff, cafeteria workers, maintenance workers, janitors, and other working people who show up to work every day to make our legislative branch function.

This is a terrifying, but not surprising, way to end President Trump’s term, which has been bolstered by white supremacists who have sought to overturn the election results based on a massive misinformation campaign. Trump should be removed from office for his seditious actions, either by invoking the 25th amendment or through impeachment.

Law enforcement officers who failed to protect the American people yesterday should also be held accountable. Police were seen taking selfies with protestors and letting them through a barricaded area. The majority of the terrorists who breached the U.S. Capitol were allowed to return home without consequence, despite their violent acts. This is in stark contrast to the actions taken by law enforcement officers this summer, who used tear gas and rubber bullets against peaceful Black Lives Matters protestors—who were fighting against systemic racism.

“We need to stand up to racism,” said EPI President Thea Lee. “We urge President-elect Biden and the next Congress to prioritize racial equity as they develop a policy platform to help working people recover from the economic and public health aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The next Senate should pass D.C. statehood, which will give Washington, D.C., residents the power to call in the National Guard and not have to rely on the president for their safety. The residents of D.C. deserve to be protected with the full power and respect of a state government and the right to elect leaders to advocate for them in Congress.