News from EPI EPI congratulates Liz Shuler on her election as AFL-CIO president

The Economic Policy Institute congratulates Liz Shuler on her election as the new President of the AFL-CIO. President Shuler—who also serves as EPI’s Board Chair—has a deep commitment to worker, gender, and racial economic justice and is a strategic leader who will strengthen partnerships between labor and the progressive community. Her experience at the AFL-CIO combined with her innovative approaches to building worker power, supporting young workers and grassroots organizing, and protecting voting rights, will make America’s union movement stronger. 

We also congratulate Fred Redmond on his election as Secretary-Treasurer/Executive Vice President. Secretary-Treasurer Redmond’s long leadership tenure at the United Steelworkers of America and decades-long commitment to civil rights will further bolster the AFL-CIO’ s mission to improve the lives of working people.  

We look forward to working with both of them in the fight for economic justice for working people across the country.

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