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News from EPI Chandra Childers joins EPI’s Economic Analysis and Research Network as Senior Policy and Economic Analyst

Today, EPI is pleased to announce that Chandra Childers has joined the Institute as Senior Policy and Economic Analyst with the Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN), a national network of 55 state-level policy research and advocacy organizations advancing an inclusive, worker-centered economy.  

Her work with EARN will center on achieving lasting improvements in economic outcomes for working people in the Southern United States. Childers’ research will focus on employment, earnings, job quality, racial and gender injustice, inequality, and worker power.   

Before joining the EARN team at EPI, Childers was a Study Director at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, where her work focused on occupational segregation, the gender wage gap, and Black, Hispanic, and Native American women’s access to good jobs. Some of her publications include Women, Automation, and the Future of Work; Here to Stay: Black, Latina, and Afro-Latina Women in Construction Trades Apprenticeships and Employment; and Women’s Access to Quality Jobs in Mississippi.  

“If we truly want to empower workers, improve their working conditions, and improve their lives, we must start at the state and local level and work from the ground up,” said Childers. “That’s why I am thrilled to begin working with the EARN team at EPI, especially focusing on EARN in the South.”  

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