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Currency manipulation: How should the U.S. respond?

Date: March 9, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010 • 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
The Mayflower Renaissance, Washington, D.C.


[PHOTO]Currency manipulation makes imports artificially cheap and artificially inflates the prices of U.S. exports. This puts U.S. manufacturers “at a huge competitive disadvantage,” as President Obama recently noted. Research by leading economists has consistently shown that five countries are the most egregious currency manipulators—China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore. The EPI Forum on Currency Manipulation will feature economists Fred Bergsten and Paul Krugman, both of whom have recently called for major Chinese currency appreciation. Business and labor executives will also discuss the impacts of currency manipulation on U.S. manufacturers and workers.

Panel I:
Impacts of Chinese Currency Manipulation on U.S. Businesses and Workers

 Scott Paul – Executive Director, Alliance for American Manufacturing

 Leo W. Gerard – International President, United Steel Workers

 Laurie S. Moncrieff – President, Adaptive Manufacturing Services and Schmald Tool & Die, Inc.

 William J. Jones – Chairman, Cummins-Allison Corporation

Panel II:
Chinese Currency Manipulation: The case for change in U.S. policy

 Bruce Stokes – International Economics Columnist, National Journal

 Paul Krugman – Columnist, New York Times; Professor, Princeton University and Nobel Laureate

 C. Fred Bergsten – Director, Peterson Institute for International Economics

 Robert E. Scott – Senior Economist, Economic Policy Institute

Video now available:

Panel 1: Discussion


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Panel 1: Questions & Answers


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Panel 2: Discussion


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Panel 2: Questions & Answers


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