U.S. trade with TPP countries and effect on GDP, 2015 (billions of dollars)

Exports $680.1
Imports $858.0
Trade balance -$177.9
U.S. GDP $17,937.8
U.S. GDP lost as a result of TPP trade deficit -$284.6
U.S. GDP lost to TPP as a share of GDP -1.6%

Note: The GDP effect of the trade deficit is estimated by multiplying the trade deficit by 1.6 because, following Bivens (2014), $1 billion in gained/lost GDP will result in $1.6 billion of economic activity.

Source: Authors’ analysis of Bivens (2014), U.S. Census Bureau (2013), U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC 2016), Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS 2016a and 2016b), and BLS Employment Projections program (BLS-EP 2014a, 2014b, and 2015). For a more detailed explanation of data sources and computations, see the appendix.

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