Average earnings in fast-growing occupations for New York state workers with less than an associate degree

In New York state
Occupational group U.S. occupational growth rate 2014–2024 Share of workers with less than associate degree, 2003–2016 Average annual earnings, 2016
Health care support 23.0% 69.0% $30,540
Personal care and services 13.2% 75.3% $29,870
Construction and extraction 10.1% 83.3% $62,960
Food preparation and serving 6.5% 84.2% $27,270
Installation, maintenance, and repair 6.4% 75.1% $51,130
Building grounds cleaning and maintenance 6.2% 88.2% $33,660

Notes: The table examines six occupation groups that are fast-growing (as determined by estimated growth rate in the occupation nationally from 2014 to 2024) and that, in New York state, are characterized by having a high share (over 50 percent) of workers whose highest education level attained falls below an associate degree. Workers with three years of college (but no degree) are not considered to have “less than” an associate degree and thus are excluded from this sample.

Sources: Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) to the Current Population Survey, 2003–2016; Bureau of Labor Statistics, Fastest Growing Occupations, 2014–2024; Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics, May 2016

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