Health insurance coverage rates, overall and by type, of workers who reported being employed and covered by ESI the week before the survey

ESI coverage Any coverage Public coverage
Still working 96.7% 98.7% 13.5%
No longer working, any reason 75.1% 84.6% 35.3%
No longer working, involuntary 79.2% 85.1% 25.4%

Notes: The sample analyzes coverage only for people who were employed and had access to employer-sponsored health insurance (ESI) in the previous week. An important limitation is that the HHPS does not relay whether the previous week’s access to ESI stemmed directly from the worker’s own employment or if they were covered on somebody else’s plan. Another limitation is that sources of coverage are not constrained to add to 100%—survey respondents in the HHPS can report multiple sources of health insurance coverage.

Source: Authors’ analysis of microdata for April through July 2020 from the Household Pulse Survey (HHPS) from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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