As workers become unemployed, their probability of being uninsured rises substantially: Shares of people who are uninsured or with various sources of health insurance coverage, by labor market status, 2014–2018

ESI Medicaid Other public ACA marketplace Uninsured
Employed 70.8% 7.0% 0.9% 9.7% 11.6%
Unemployed 28.2% 28.8% 2.8% 10.3% 29.8%
Not in labor force 34.7% 23.3% 12.8% 11.7% 17.5%

Note: ESI stands for employer-sponsored health insurance; ACA stands for Affordable Care Act.

Source: Gangopadhyaya and Garrett, Unemployment, Health Insurance, and the COVID-19 Recession (Urban Institute 2020).

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