U.S. jobs supported by U.S. steel production and displaced by steel imports, 2012

Jobs affected* Jobs supported by domestic production Jobs displaced by direct imports Jobs displaced by indirect imports** Total jobs displaced by imports (direct + indirect)
Direct 123,400 35,600 26,300 61,800
Indirect 460,200 136,200 102,800 238,900
Total 583,600 171,800 129,000 300,800

*Jobs can be affected directly (in the immediate industry) and indirectly (industries that supply goods to industry of interest).
**Indirect imports refer to those imported manufacturing goods that contain steel content.

Sources: Economic Policy Institute analysis of U.S. Census Bureau (2013), Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS 2013), and BLS Employment Projections program (BLS-EP 2014b and 2014c).

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