Stop Trumpcare’s massive tax handout to the super-rich

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Donald Trump claims that he wants to protect Medicare and take on the pharmaceutical industry. Yet Trumpcare would cut the resources that fund Medicare by at least $117 billion, and gives a $25 billion tax handout to drug companies―part of a $465 billion tax break to the wealthy and health care industry.

And now, according to the new score by the Congressional Budget Office, 14 million people will lose their health care in the first year of Trumpcare with another 10 million losing health care by 2026. That’s 24 million people who will lose health care under Donald Trump!

Sign the petition telling Congress to reject Trumpcare, protect the health care of 24 million individuals and stop this massive tax giveaway to the wealthy and health care industry.

To: All members of Congress

I urge you to reject Trumpcare legislation currently being debated in Congress. The Affordable Care Act―signed by President Obama―is an important achievement which has addressed economic inequality and reduced the number of uninsured by 19.2 million.

Trumpcare would result in 24 million individuals losing their health care while providing the wealthiest individuals and the health care industry with a $465 billion tax break.

Do not jeopardize the health care and financial security of millions of individuals in order to give a massive tax handout to the super-rich.